Connor Godfrey (born November 22, 2000), also known as Eklipse Seven, is a video gamer and the newest member of Deep Sheep.

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Not much is known about Connor yet, except that he is the newest member of Deep Sheep, replacing Daniel Grabert, who had retired a year prior. Connor is also now the youngest member of Deep Sheep, a year younger than both Spencer and Robby.

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  • In Deep Sheep, Connor represents the Field biome.
    • Connor lives in Robby's original biome from Season 1, and lives in the jail where Dante was detained.
  • Connor's favorite object in Minecraft is a snowball.
  • Connor is the caretaker of Fudge Pantz the Brown Sheep, the beloved pet of Chris, as well as the icon of Deep Sheep.
  • So far in Season 2, there is a running gag where Connor fails at his job of keeping Fudge Pantz safe, which results in Fudge Pantz being killed by a wolf, Chris putting the blame on Connor and threatening to fire him, and then spawn a brown sheep as Fudge Pantz's replacement, only for another member to spawn another wolf, much to Chris's annoyance.
  • He has huge eyebrows, which everyone makes fun of.
  • In Deep Sheep, Connor's pet is Philip the Blue Parrot.
  • Connor plays for the Spring-Ford Rams Lacrosse team for his school: Spring-Ford High School in Royersford, Pennsylvania.
  • His favorite color is pink.
  • His favorite animal is a parrot.
  • As an adult, he wants to be a filmmaker.

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