James Arbuckle Page (born 1996) is an actor who was a friend of CACox97 during their years at Thomas W. Pyle Middle School in Bethesda, Maryland. He is best known for his portrayal as Commander James in Nerf Gun Zombie Attack.

Biography Edit

Arbuckle Page was born in 1996 in Maryland.

Arbuckle Page attended Thomas W. Pyle Middle School beginning in 2006, and made friends out of his classmates, among them YouTubers CACox97 and CMPraisner99, and Broadway actor Ben Cook.

In 2009, Arbuckle Page was cast to play Commander James, in the YouTube movie Nerf Gun Zombie Attack, alongside his fellow classmates, and directed by CACox97 himself.

Page left Pyle Middle School after graduating in 2010, and likely never saw CACox97 or his other friends again. He attended Walt Whitman High School the same year.


  • Arbuckle Page used a New Zealand accent for his character of Commander James.
  • It is never confirmed if James actually dies in the movie, but it is believed that he did.