Musical Squares is the fifth episode in Deep Sheep Season 1. It stars Christopher Cox, Camden Praisner, Alaxx Hogan, Spencer Maples, and Robby Tiapula.

Beginning Plot Edit

The video kicks off with Spencer interrupting Chris who ignores him and continues the intro. It is revealed that Camden created Musical Squares. It's Alaxx's birthday. Well a few days back it was. Alaxx claims that he gets privileges since it was his birthday. In association to the special day, Alaxx wears his birthday skin in the episode. Camden is about to explain the game when Chris interrupts him and explains himself, this was repeated again next season in Mob Hunt. Spencer knocks Chris and Camden off the platform, which angers Camden.

How to Play Edit

Musical Squares is a game created by Camden where players engage in a 1v1 fight holding nothing but their signature item, and must kill each other obviously. However, when a player is killed, their item lands on a square. Depending on the square's color, the players gets a lot of things that happen to him. They can gain or lose lives, equip golden swords, receive strength potions etc. Every time a player is defeated, they lose a life. If you lose all your lives, you're out. But this in no means you're fully eliminated, because if another player gives you a life, you're back in the game. The last player standing wins Musical Squares.

The game Edit

Starring Edit

Christopher Cox/CACox97

Camden Praisner/CMPraisner99

Spencer Maples/laburnum

Alaxx Hogan/crazyjack28

Robby Tiapula/rockerzzoom

Trivia Edit

This is considered a popular episode by fans and the Deep Sheep crew, as it was brought back for two of the Deep Sheep anniversary live streams.

This is Alaxx's first golden crown, as well as the closest Robby came to a golden crown in season 1. He wouldn't win until the season 2 episode Kill Yourself.

Alaxx has a knack for winning episode 5's. He won Musical Squares and 5 Chambers, which were the fifth episodes of season 1 and season 2 respectively.

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