Spencer P. Maples (born April 10, 2000), better known by YouTube fans as The Co-Op Clan, Laburnum, or Laburnie, is is a video gamer and member of Deep Sheep, a group of teenage to adult video gamers based out of Pasadena, California.

Biography Edit

Maples was born in Texas in 2000.

Career Edit

Deep Sheep Edit

In Deep Sheep, Spencer was once hated by CACox97 and XAlien7, but has now become a valuable member of the group.

Personal Life Edit

Spencer currently lives in Pasadena, California, and is attending ArtCenter College of Design.

Trivia Edit

  • In Deep Sheep, Spencer's Minecraft skin is the Trials HD Bike Rider.
  • In Season 1, he represents the Swampland biome. In Season 2, he represents the Mushroom biome.
  • As of Season 2, he has remained in the same spot as Season 1, but had inherited Daniel's Mushroom biome after the latter had left the company.
  • In Deep Sheep, his object is a red mushroom, which he calls a Magic Mushroom, or PCP.
  • In Deep Sheep, his blocks are pistons and large red mushroom blocks.
  • In Deep Sheep, Spencer's pets include Peter the Mushroom Cow (formerly), Test Subject 19 (a librarian villager), Kevin the Lime Green Sheep, the White Walker (a snow golem), and Cake the Llama.
  • Spencer's favorite game is Halo: Reach.
  • Spencer's favorite animal is a panda.
  • Spencer's favorite color is lime green, followed by purple, but since lime green was the favorite color of both Daniel and Nathan, and purple was the favorite color of Chris, Spencer's represented color in Minecraft is another one of his favorite colors: blue.
  • As an adult, Spencer wants to be a cinematographer.

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