The Wheat Cult is a Deep Sheep fan group of 7 people: MT, Zac, Luck, Beast, Lunar, Egg, Dell.

The Cult was initially created to worship Robby and the wheat he needs. It is a parody on his original Wheat Cult.

Members Edit

Mathew Oftelie/Beast (mthebeastog) Edit

Beast is the youngest member of the Wheat Cult and lives in California.

He is the only member to be added to the Wheat Cult after the night it was formed.

His favorite color is yellow.

Beast is well known for being the Connor and Daniel of the group for sharing aspects of both members.

Delludyri Hjortor/Dell (theironflygon) Edit

Dell lives in the Faroe Islands.

The American members turned his name into a meme because it's impossible to pronounce.

Dell's favorite color is blue.

Dell is the Nathan of the group for being somewhat quiet and talking slow.

Egg Broady/Egg/Papa Egg (Sir Papa Egg) Edit

Egg lives in the Netherlands.

He is known for creating gay memes.

Egg was temporary kicked out of the Wheat Cult before rejoining the next day.

For a while Egg didn't have a PC account untill former member Jiggles donated one of his alts to him.

His favorite color is lime green, but Luck took the color first, so now Egg's favorite color is pink.

Egg is known as the Alaxx of the group for being insane.

Mathew C./Luck/Impossible (Luckisimpossible) Edit

Luck is one of the most well known members of the Wheat Cult for creating the "Holy Shit, get fucking rid of Connor" meme. This meme actually appeared several times in Deep Sheep videos, and was even used by some of the Deep Sheep members.

He lives in Tennessee.

His favorite color is lime green, the same as Egg's.

Luck is known for being the Camden of the group because the two talk/act similar.

Joe McMillan/Lunar (Lunar's Tales) Edit

Lunar is the oldest member of the Wheat Cult.

Lunar lives in Illinois.

His favorite color is red.

He is known for being the Robby of the group for not knowing any of the members' colors, and not watching any Wheat Cult videos.

Emmett Lewis/MT (MTtheDoodleKing) Edit

MT is well known for making Deep Sheep Fan Art.

MT lives in Texas.

In December 2018, MT's original channel got deleted, and he's been trying to get it back ever since. Here's a video explaining what happened:

MT has a history for not sticking with a username for too long.

MT has a Russian girlfriend.

MT favorite color is cyan.

MT is considered the Chris of the group for doing the most work.

Zachary Chambers/Zac (ZacAttack) Edit

Zac is known for having a British voice, which was used to narrate the first Wheat Cult video.

Zac lives in the UK.

his favorite color is purple.

He is considered the Spencer of the group for always being so happy and likeable.

Trivia Edit

  • Robby is technically the leader of the Wheat Cult but he doesn't actually do anything.
  • Wheat Cult members got a role on the Deep Sheep discord for spamming.
  • The first Wheat Cult member to ever appear in a Deep Sheep video was Luckisimpossible, for commenting "Holy shit get fucking rid of Connor", a meme which the members of Deep Sheep decided to use in some of their videos, specifically The Iron Chef: Part 1.
  • The Wheat Cult has a podcast called "Early Morning with the Wheat Cult".
  • Nathan was the first Deep Sheep member to guest star on an "Early Morning" episode because of a failed BedWars recording.

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